anthill design is a team based architectural studio that has been involved in building design, research and academics since 2005.

at anthill design we have had the opportunity to build in diverse geographical and cultural contexts across the country, developing a design process that allows for the ‘character’ of each project to emerge in response to the particular qualities of place. rooted primarily in the use of local natural materials, this design process believes that architecture involves the modification of the earth’s crust for human inhabitation and so should be done carefully. as we take material from ‘here’ and organise it ‘there’ we aim to connect the internal worlds of our clients to the physical landscapes around them. This includes urban landscapes, the study of which have found expression in the national and international exhibitions that anthill design has curated. in many cases the exhibition material has become the seed around which seminars and discussions on emerging indian urbanity have been structured.

at anthill design we are deeply committed to ‘process’ as much as we are to our final ‘projects’. we pride ourselves for remaining involved and being able to organise incremental projects that emerge stage by stage as they are being lived in and used.


at anthill design we understand ‘process’ to be an indicator of ‘empathy’, the framework through which we are able to inhabit our projects as they emerge. this is also the framework by which projects are connected with the built environment that has come before us, and around us. it is the framework that conserves the relationships we consider most important in the making of our buildings.

1Studies & Preparation
2Criteria for Design


riyaz tayyibji

riyaz tayyibji graduated
from the school of archi
-tecture, cept, a’bad. prior
to setting up anthill design
he worked in mumbai with
ranjit sinh and associates
and then extensively with
prof. neelkanth chhaya on
post-earthquake rehabili-
tation housing in the
villages of saurashtra.

roma tayyibji

roma tayyibji graduated
from the school of archi
-tecture, cept, a’bad and
worked with prof. neel-
kanth chhaya prior to
setting up anthill design.
roma is deeply interested
in the psychological
aspects of architecture
and its importance to its

sarosh anklesaria

sarosh anklesaria graduated
from the school of
architecture, cept, a’bad
and has worked with prof.
b.v. doshi in a’bad, as well
as herzog & de meuron in
basel. he has worked on
internationally acclaimed
projects such as the
kolkota museum of modern
art among others.

anthill design
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